Batumi High Maritime Engineering School ANRI, LLC (BHMES ANRI) serving maritime education and training for over 20 years.

Batumi High Maritime Engineering School ANRI is based on the unified standards and rules of vocational education, as well as seafarers' education, training and certification, aspires to disseminate modern knowledge focused on the needs and requirements of the society through the implementation of educational programs in the maritime fields.

Batumi High Maritime Engineering School ANRI through its’ activities, aims to contribute to the development of the city, the region and the country as a whole. For this purpose, it provides accessible, high-quality academic and professional education in the field of merchant marine fleet and maritime transport industry, which will be implemented through teaching, creating a harmonious environment for cultural, intellectual and personal development appropriate to the interests and abilities of students and develops its own research potential. Thus, the institute contributes to the building of a democratic society, the economic development of the country and its successful international integration.

Batumi High Maritime Engineering School ANRI, LLC is Authorized Vocational education provider institution,

Vocational Modular Educational Programs:

  • exploitation of deck unit - Duration of the program is 15 months
  • exploitation of the vessel engine unit - Duration of the program is 14 months

BHMES ANRI’s Seafarers Training and Certification Center is recognized by the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia. All the process of seafarers’ training is carried out in compliance with the international and national regulations and International Standard requirements. The programs of training courses are developed in accordance with the IMO Model Courses. These courses also are recognized by the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia.

BHMES ANRI is certified by ISO 9001:2015 and obtained International certificate of IQNet.

BHMES ANRI is a Member of the International Association Global MET - Maritime Education and Training Association, Full Member of IASST-International Association for Safety and Survival Training, Associate Member of BSAMI-Black Sea Association of Maritime Institutions, Associate Member of PCAG – Private Colleges Association of Georgia and a Member of Adjara Logistics, Transport and Shippers Association.

Vocational Modular Educational Programs and Seafarers’ training courses are conducted by experienced marine specialists, qualified vocational teachers and instructors.

BHMES ANRI material and technical base meets national and international standards for education and training: BHMES ANRI is located in six storey complex with a total area of 3200 square meters, where classrooms, laboratories, simulators, conference hall, library and students’ dormitory are situated. BHMES ANRI has a training vessel "Captain O.Chakhvadze" for practical exercises and drills, simulators, including: high-speed and rescue boats, motorboats, Bridge Resource Management simulator, Shore Based Fire Fighting simulator, labs and workshops, model of real ship, swimming pool, foreign language class-room, computer classes etc.

For the students form the other regions of Georgia and foreign students ANRI has comfortable students' dormitory located at its’ educational building. All rooms have own bathroom, WC, air-conditioner, free Wi-Fi. The lunchroom and a dining room are available too.

BHMES ANRI cooperates closely with various international crewing and ship-owner companies to ensure excellent students with maritime practice and employment of graduates.

The aim of BHMES ANRI is to produce highly qualified seafarers.