If you want to get a high level of professional naval education this post is for you Batumi High Maritime Engineering School ANRI  continues to admit students to the following vocational education programs:

Operation of the field unit;

Operation of the ship's engine compartment.

Experienced teachers of Vocational educational programs and specialists in the field are involved in the learning process. Acting Captains and Mechanics. We pay special attention to the internship component, hence the students of vocational education programs will have an internship on the school-owned training vessel during the teaching period. Great attention is also paid to the study of English, for which the school is equipped with a Lingafone cabinet - a foreign language classroom that meets modern requirements. That's not all we offer. So for more information visit our website or email us in a private message. Select BHMES ANRI. Get a perfect Vocational naval education and become a successful sailor!