About us/Our History

LLC "Marine Training Center" founded in June 2000, in August 2005. The College changed its name and was founded as „Anri Marine Training Centre" LLC, and since July 1, 2014 it has been called Batumi Higher Marine Engineering School, Anri.

General Director of the Institute is a Far Fleet Captain, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Anzor Diasamidze. He spared no effort and trains seafarers in quality training / retraining of marine specialists.

BHMES ANRI LLC is a higher education institution, a training and certification center for seafarers, and an employment agency.

Since its foundation it has been providing theoretical, practical and trained training / retraining of marine specialists on the International Convention on STCW and under other international and national maritime law.

Since 1 April 2010, by Decree No. 248 of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia LLC Anri has obtained a license for higher education for  Higher Professional and Bachelor's degree programme in higher education:

  • Higher (bachelor's) education programmes - marine sciences:

Maritime Navigation

Ship's mechanism

Duration of training is 4 academic years.

  • Professional education program for the third stage by specialty:

Deck sailor (sailor);

Engine room sailor (motorist)

Duration of training is 1 year.

Since September 2012 we have the right to study foreign students in English and Russian at the 3rd stage of the Professional Education Program, by professions:

Deck sailor (sailor);

Engine room sailor (motorist)

Since September 2018, we have had the right to implement professional modular educational programs of III level in the following specialties:

              Deck operation

              Operation of the ship's engine

Duration of training is 1.5 year.

Anri LLC is certified by the International Quality System ISO 9001: 2015. We also have an IQN certificate.

Anri LLC is a member of the organization, such as: Association of Private Colleges of Georgia, Logistics, Transport and Transportation Association, Member of the EU-Georgia Business Council. International Associations: IASST (International Association for Security and Survival Exercises), Global MET (Global Naval Education and Training), BSAMI (Black Sea Association).

Lectures and courses are given by experienced marine specialists, qualified teachers, professors and lecturers. Training and certification courses are carried out according to the programs developed by international, national and international maritime organizations (IMO). The training process is based on developed, approved and recognized programs, using video materials and course simulators.

The Institute has a training vessel "Captain Otar Chahvadze" to provide impeccable practical training, also fast and rescue boats, Captain's Bridge Simulator, Firefighting equipment located on land, Radio-local and automatic radio locator simulator, Motor unit, laboratories and workshops, real ship model, swimming pool and much more.

The university has a hostel for students from other regions of Georgia or from abroad. LLC Anri works closely with various international cruise and shipping companies.

Excellent graduates of our school will be able to get an excellent maritime practice with the prospect of employment on long sea voyages.

A maritime institution uses two basic principles to ensure the quality of education: Compliance with the standard and satisfaction of existing and expected user requirements. Guided by the principles of democracy and humanism, in order to achieve success in the field of education and employment, it is aimed at teaching and employment-oriented and accessible higher education that cooperates with all interested people. At the same time, it ensures continuous improvement of the quality of education, development of civic values and increase of employment rates;

Prepares highly qualified personnel in accordance with the requirements of the international market, Who will be able to identify and solve professional problems, to implement and develop personal skills, in accordance with the requirements of the STCW International Maritime Convention, and high ethical standards to ensure their competitiveness in the domestic and international labour markets.