About us/Educational policy and objectives

 Policy and Objects of Quality


General Policy and Strategy

All activities of Batumi High Maritime Engineering School ANRI, LLC (ANRI) are directed on the:

  • Seafarers training/retraining, certification in accordance to requirements of  STCW, as amended and Law of Georgia on education and certification of seafarers;
  • Graduation of qualified future seafarers in accordance to National and International legislation and standards at the following specialties:
  • Training navigators and engineers at the High Marine Engineering Education Program (Bachelor);
  • seagoing sciences (navigation) and seagoing sciences (ship engineering)

also at the vocational education programs:

  • Training for vocational education program at the III-rd stages of Deck Rating and Engine Room Rating;
  • Foreign seafarers’ graduation at the III-rd stages of Deck Rating and Engine Room Rating of the vocational education programs;
  • In accordance to ILO MLC 2006 providing with seagoing practice and further placement our students;
  • In accordance to ILO MLC 2006 placement on the international ship-owners’ vessels our students and active seafarers.

ANRI aspires to keep and accomplish business, scientific and other co operations with world-wide marine schools and centers.

The aim of ANRI is to keep high level not only its own Quality System Management, but to offer introduce thus system to its partners and customers. 


Quality Policy

The Policy of Quality of ANRI are series of rational actions, with the help of which there take place providing of high – quality service and its terms, providing of general policy and strategy and ANRI‘s services for consumers and customers full satisfaction under National and International Standards.

To ensure all of these service based on the implemented International Standard ISO 9001:2015  Quality System of ANRI establish  and introduce Routine, Procedures, Directions, Instructions, Fundamental Programs, Syllabuses, Curriculums etc. to improve working and training process; to conduct training and education of seafarers and students at the International Level there use necessary equipments, simulators, computer equipments, literature etc.   

The Administration of ANRI set itself as an object:

  • to carry out and to justify hopes and requires of ANRI‘s consumers, staff and society as a whole;
  • the continuous improve its activities to raise competitiveness of its service in International basis;
  • under the control of ANRI Administration improve constantly the activity of Quality System at all level of  organization;
  • to ensure conformity of the quality management system and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system;
  • by own strength, opportunely identify and eliminate all nonconformity;
  • risk assessment and prevention actions;
  • to achieve and keep high quality of activity, always analyze Quality Management System;
  • Improve the functions of the structural and structural units of ANRI and optimize management decisions;
  • Improvement of working conditions and material stimulation system for employees;
  • Maintain and develop business relationships with leading marine educational institutions and world shipping and crewing companies.

Policy of Quality of ANRI is directed to continual improvement of activities in compliance with requirements of National and International standards.

All activity, relationships and cooperation of ANRI it is exposure of quality.

Every employee has to familiarize with ANRI’s Quality System General Policy and Strategy. 


  1. Quality Objects

There are established follow Objects of Quality to improve continually Quality Management and Activities at ANRI.

  1. Rise staff and trainers’ qualification as minimum by 10% through tech.trainings, seminars, other trainings, etc;
  2. Increase attendance of appropriate professional development seminars/conferences/trainings and share information and experience with appropriate staff/department at the ANRI on 10%;
  3. Manage non-conforming services in order to reduce the non-conformances amount issued during the audits to 5%;
  4. Raise the staff by qualification personnel by 10% in comparison with last year;
  5. Renew training facilities, simulators, equipment, etc. by 5% in comparison with last year;
  6. Rise by 5% in comparison with last year deep sea navigation practice for ANRI students.


Quality  Liabilities

There are established follow liabilities of Quality Service to improve continually Quality Management and Activities at ANR.

  1. Always keep ANRI’s level of development in compliance with requirements of ISO 9001:2015  and Charter of ANRI;
  2. ANRI administration must follow the next Legislations:    
  • Law of Georgia on Education and Certification of Seafarer's;
  • International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW, as amended);
  • International Maritime Labour Convention (ILO MLC 2006);
  • Law of Georgia on Higher Education;
  • Law of Georgia on Vocational Education
  • Law of Georgia On Development of Quality of Education
  • Georgian Labour Code

and other International and National Conventions, Standards, Requirements relevant to activity of ANRI;

  1. Periodically establish of routine, procedures, curriculums, syllabuses; renew in accordance with amendments of National and International Standards and Requirements;
  2. In accordance to National and International Standards purchase necessary manuals and ensure their implementation into the working process of ANRI;
  3. Establish and keep in actuality organizational structure; Allocate resources to ensure implementation of  policy, objects, liabilities and duties of  Quality System;
  4. Systematically plan the process of service in education, training/retraining, certification and placement process;
  5.  Work up applications and contracts to analyze ANRI Policy, Objects and Liabilities;
  6.   Control of documents and data for actual using by ANRI’s staff and providers;
  7.  Ensuring supervision and identification of activities and service of  ANRI;
  8. Realize monitor performance by job description per each employee;
  9. Hold a review of work executed of every employee;
  10. Manage nonconformity service at the individual departments;
  11. Manage report documents of Quality for the purpose of its collection, identification and keeping;
  12. Do schedule  Quality System internal audit at the departments to implement corrective and preventive actions; 
  13. Periodically conduct technical trainings to improve Quality System and raise the staff qualification;
  14. Realize performance of staff functions;
  15. Keep qualification staff and stop the process of their migration;
  16. Determination, planning and controlling of ANRI active processes and sub processes to ensure final quality of production/service;
  17. Systematically train the trainers in accordance to requirement of modern teaching;
  18. Systematically renovate the library;
  19. Annually, on the General Meeting analyze policy and strategy of ANRI; 
  20. At the General Meeting make management review to analyze results of activity, review objects and their implementation;
  21. Ensure timely familiarization of each employee with objects and liabilities of the Quality System
  22. Manage nonconformity service till full eliminate;
  23. Risk assessment and prevention;
  24. Conduct a systematic (annually) analysis of company’s policy, strategy and quality management system and based on the findings to revise and refine the quality objectives at all levels of an organization